5 Things to Avoid While Preparing For IIT




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You might have heard that 'prevention is better than cure'. This phrase applies in many situations of our lives and also to your IIT JEE preparation . If we already do what NOT to do while preparing for the exam, we can save ourselves from the negative consequences. So here are 5 top things to avoid while preparing for IIT. 

  1. Keeping a lot of reference books

Students often have a habit of referring to different books while preparing. This creates confusion and adds an unnecessary burden on their heads that they have to finish all these books. So consult your teachers and keep 2-3 books only for preparation. Students should also consider sample papers for better practice. 

  1. Neglecting health for studies 

Many students become overambitious while preparing for IIT JEE. They study all day long, neglect their health and sleep in the impression that all this would benefit them. But, it makes them weak and deteriorates their health. It also diminishes their retaining power. One should try to find a balance in life instead of overloading themselves. For instance, if you think taking private coaching is hectic, join IIT online classes  and learn from home.

  1. Covering topics that are out of the IIT syllabus 

This is one of the consequences of doing the things mentioned above. When you refer to many books you will have at least one different topic and you may not even realize how many extra topics you have learned in this way. Focus on the IIT syllabus only! Make a list of topics you have to go through and mark the ones as you finish them. 

  1. Not taking IIT Coaching 

Many students think that they can prepare for the exam on their own while many go for traditional IIT coaching classes. Well, guidance is a must if you want to make sure you are in the right direction. But, online coaching for IIT JEE offers numerous benefits to the learners such as flexible schedule, comfort, convenience, and innovative learning methods. Students receive personalized attention, unlike private coaching that includes 100 students in a class. 

  1. Ignoring your mistakes in practice tests 

It is good that you are working on sample papers of IIT JEE. But if you are not learning from what you did wrong in the tests, then all the efforts are in vain. Instead, you should try to identify the pattern in your mistakes, the topics that seem tough to you and seek clarity on them in your IIT online classes. 

Are you committing any such mistakes? If yes, then it's time to turn things around and make the IIT JEE preparation process easier for you. Focus on working hard but don't neglect your health. Seek guidance from a tutor who can provide you with genuine feedback and help you overcome the problems you are facing in preparing for the test. 



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